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Year 6 - Lynx Class

Our Year 6 class is named after Romania's national animal, the Lynx. 

Lynx Class is led by Mrs McDade and supported by Mrs Smith and Mr Adlam
Check back here every couple of weeks for updates about the class and their learning. 

September 22nd 2023

The school year has started well and the children have settled into Lynx Class. 

Some of our exciting half term of learning includes: 

Writing – We will be exploring the characteristics of a suspense story and applying these to create the ending to the video of Alma (a girl who is transformed into a doll). We will then explore a second story and create a narrative which has a complex plot and describes characters and settings. 

Science – Classifying Big and Small 

In this unit, we will broaden our knowledge of how vertebrates, invertebrates, plants and micro-organisms are grouped using shared characteristics. We will discover how Carl Linnaeus developed the Linnaean and binomial systems for classifying and naming living things. We will use and produce branching and number classification keys to sort and identify organisms.  

History – What does the census tell us about our local area? 

Throughout this unit we will explore the census – identifying why a census is carried out and the information contained within it. We will then explore the census to investigate how the lives of people in the past have changed and key events that may have causes these changes. 

PE – Our outdoor PE will be on a Monday afternoon and during this half term we will learn some of the skills of playing Tag Rugby. 

Our indoor PE slot will be on a Wednesday and will focus on our fitness. 

Please ensure that PE kits are in school for these lessons. 


Other areas of the curriculum covered this half term: 

Art and Design: Photo opportunity 

Music: exploring advanced rhythms 

RE: Creation and Science – conflicting or complimentary 

PSHE: Family and relationships 

Computing: Online Safety and Bletchley Park